Why you should buy insurance before coming to the US

Insurance for newcomers to the United States and flatten in developed countries like the US car insurance, housing, health, life almost imperative to reduce risks and save costs for the user. Therefore, for those who travel to the US despite / short business, or to the United States to study / work long, even settled here, you should equip yourself insurance. It will be a “shield” to help you adapt and better prepared for a new life.

Insurance for newcomers to the US

American background modern medical world, but there is no system of national health ie citizens, lawful permanent residents, or people living in the US with visas other self-pay medical expenses her if no health insurance. The clinic at the US base with good service quality so that the cost of each doctor you may have to pay hundreds of dollars, money to buy more expensive drugs. If unfortunate accident or serious illness, you can cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to treat. To avoid costly so you should buy private health insurance when living permanently in the US.

In fact, the new immigrants to the US, if they are over 65, youth under 21 years of age or families with children under age 21, will be entitled to Medicaid health program of the government. This is a health insurance program is very good, and almost without a significant cost.

However, when the income of the new entrance to the United States about income “poor but not the middle of all”, then it is time to see the “dark side” of the coin. We no longer enjoy the health insurance program for people with low income, but wages are not enough to buy health insurance for their families. Therefore to avoid halfway lies in the death place, try to find and go to work for a company under purchase health insurance for employees and their families.

J-1 visa holders (under the cultural exchange program) are required to have health insurance in the US during the period. For other types of visa (such as F1 visa for students studying Bachelor’s degree, Master’s, PhD or visa M for vocational students), the US government requires schools to have a policy of health insurance for student. So almost universities and colleges in the United States also require students to purchase health insurance when regular admission. Some schools require students to buy the insurance by the university, but most students accept buy, as long as coverage levels to meet the requirements of the university.

Many universities and colleges in the US provide health insurance for international students through partners. But much as the price of the insurance is very expensive, up to over 1000-2000 USD / year.

Choice and ensure optimal insurance package of independent companies

Insurers serving international students often provides insurance packages to meet the requirements both schools, both competitively priced compared to the coverage of the school. Without an independent insurance company, the schools would become monopoly, and then students will have little choice. If you buy, you may be entitled to insurance with a more reasonable price, can save 100-800 USD, depending on the price of insurance, age and health status.

Insurance policy lasts from five days (usually for people to visit relatives or attend seminars, training) to six months or a year, and is renewed annually. Price per day and per month, you can pay a monthly premium if desired.

In particular, students may purchase insurance since he was in the country. You need a credit card or an electronic payment form somehow. Benefits of buying before you start insured from the date of registration and not have to worry if something happens while on his way to America.

Particularly for families to live or to visit family members in the US, if bought at the high price and low insurance rates. So you should find out the insurance package of some independent companies, because of the choice and diversity coverage and consistent with the needs of the family more

Tips When Buying Health Insurance

To actively for cases that may occur with your health, let’s delve into self-insurance and health, for example for students:

  • Find out if your school allows students to purchase health insurance or not. If the school allows, how much coverage, terms including what requirements. 
  • Determine their own needs in terms of health: Do you play sports? You go with the family? Do you need insurance for a pregnant woman? The time you need medical treatment?
  • Contact the insurance company to find out information about insurance packages available. Read carefully the insurance regulations, insurance rates and what the insurance company will not be responsible. Health insurance is usually paid monthly for a fee equivalent to the level that you want covered. Students usually buy insurance choices insurance packages with its own characteristics, but most include a medical examination fees, hospitalization, medical expenses, emergency care, and repatriation expenses in case of danger. 
  • Comparative terms, coverage, price and select the most suitable package for you. Such a package announced maximum coverage $ 250,000 but only pay a maximum of 1,300 USD a day of hospitalization. So if every day of hospitalization fee higher than that, you have to put money bag.


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