Types of insurance in the US

One of the smartest ways to anticipate surprises can happen is to make sure you get insurance to rely on. Therefore, most Americans buy insurance to reduce costs and be more secure. So what are the types of insurance in the US? Among many different types of insurance in the US, the most common types involve human life and property. Below are some typical types of insurance that you can review and make appropriate choices if you plan to settle in the US for a long time.

Health insurance: Insurance for you when having health-related problems.

No program of national health insurance compulsory in the USA. Those who have the financial conditions to buy insurance from an insurance company or through the employer. The elderly, the disabled and low-income families (including many new immigrants family) can be covered through the government program funding is Medicaid and Medicare.

Disability insurance: Pay for part of your income when you can’t work because of illness or injury.

Life insurance: your family insurance is free from financial difficulties after you die. Although there are many types, any life insurance policy will consider the following conditions when deciding your premium

  • Age
  • health situation General
  • Whether you suffer from chronic illness not
  • history of your illness (illness and surgery)
  • Are you the harmful habits or
  • history of illness of your loved ones
Business Insurance : Helping you get rid of the burden of risks and losses may befall related to:
  • The customer or business partner refused to pay
  • the Investment bad
  • situations and unpredictable hazards (fire, war, flood, …)

Civil liability insurance: insurance Allows you in case other people claim disability if he or she had an accident involving your property.

Insurance for homeowners: Will you compensate for the cost of rebuilding or replacing old home if your home is destroyed or damaged. This insurance is required if you are mortgage. Although there are many types of insurance related to housing, there is no kind of insurance covers everything. Therefore you should insure your house against the scourge potentially most influential to the area to live and your assets (floods, tornadoes, strong winds, …)

Property insurance agents: Will compensation for the loss if the property has great value to your damaged or stolen.
This insurance covers items such as antiques, carpets, valuable assets, works of art and expensive electronics. To get this insurance, you will have to prepare a list of assets of its great value and their estimated value.

Car Insurance: Is compulsory insurance in the US. Each state has its own laws prescribed minimum level of insurance and who is responsible for finance in an automobile accident.

Each state in the US are so many insurance companies. Some companies specialize in a particular field, while some other companies offer different types of insurance. Therefore, you can always find a place to give you insurance rates are satisfied and the most reasonable price.

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