Buying a home in the United States can be granted a permanent Visa

The economic situation bleak, housing prices decline, the real estate market freeze has caused two US senators have devised a measure of “stimulus” is unique: Quit mortgage will get a visa to live permanent in U.S.A.

Two US senators including Charles Schumer (Democrat) and Mike Lee (Republic) jointly submit a bill on measures related to immigration, including a regulation: foreign money at least $ 500,000 to buy a house in the US will be granted a permanent visa. Shoppers can spend one-time $ 500,000 to buy a house or apartment or city can spend half to buy a house and the remaining $ 250,000 to invest in another house to rent. People get a visa to stay in the country for at least 180 days / year.

In fact, foreigners have spent quite a lot of money into the US real estate market. In the fiscal year through December 3-2011, international real estate people have left here 82 billion dollars, up from 66 billion dollars last year. Of the total housing transactions in Miami, at least 5.5% is sold to foreigners. This figure is 4.3% in Phoenix.

Foreigners increasingly high proportion of real estate transactions in South Florida, Southern California, Arizona and some other markets most affected by the freezing. Chinese people and Canada make up the majority buyer of this kind, then the people of Mexico, the UK and India. They are taking advantage of US house prices are plummeting, Americans refuse to buy a home because money waiting for further price reduction. They also benefit from currency exchange rates in favor of these countries.

Resident visas through this purchase will coexist with a permanent visa by investing in the US are in effect. But people get visas purchase (not equivalent to a green card) is not allowed to work in the US income unless obtain work permits normal way. They are carrying the wife / husband and children younger than 18, and if they sell the house no longer allowed to live in the US anymore. The draft does not set a maximum number of visas issued under this program.

Proponents of the draft regulations that will increase the number of buyers from abroad had been tripped visa barriers. People were fond of real estate home buying population are foreigners, especially from China because they pay cash and pay just once. Even investors securities famous Warren Buffett has also supported similar ideas because he thought it would help resolve the frozen state of the market, including boosting the competitiveness of American demand home but are hesitating.

Skeptics argue that this policy is not necessarily solve the problem by key is still a fragile state of the economy. Americans still need home every year; just that they do not eat out as before should not buy. Solve the economic problems, the housing market will be settled under.

Notably when this message is posted on the Wall Street Journal, has hundreds of readers sent comments about, protesting the visa policy of home buyers. They said that if the bill is passed, there will be a wave of home buyers from China swept into to take advantage of the opportunity to live in the United States for permanent residence. Meanwhile house prices will be pushed up abnormally high, causing difficulties for the American people have real needs

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