How to find out who owns debt

Debt is sold on a regular basis. Finding out who owns the debt is necessary to pay off and delete your credit record. Due to the frequency of debt sale, finding owners of a particular debt can be difficult and requires a large investment in time. It is best to know the principal amount of your debt so that when new creditors tell you how much you owe, you will be able to determine the amount added when buying and selling your debts.

How to Find Out Who Owns Debt

Ask for a copy of your credit report from all three major credit offices. You have the right to receive a free copy each year and you can get additional copies if you have been denied the credit.

Check your credit report. Each item has a company name with a mailing address or phone number. This may not be the current owner of the debt but that means the company owns the debt at some point.

Contact the company listed on the credit report and inquire about your creditor status. If it no longer owns the debt, ask the company’s name and contact information where the debt is sold.

Continue to contact companies who have purchased debts until you find the current owner.

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