Can I use other people’s credit cards?

At some point, you may have the opportunity to use someone else’s credit card to purchase. You may violate the law by doing so if you do not have the authority to use the card. Authorized users can use someone else’s credit card without creating any legal obligations for them to repay.

Use someone else’s card
If you only need to take another person’s credit card and use it, you are guilty of credit card fraud. Even if a friend or family member gives you his card to use, you should not use it if your name is not on the card. The credit card is given to the person authorized to make the purchase. Many traders require you to present your identification when purchasing a credit card, although, in some cases, no identification is required. For example, online purchases or purchases made through a self-test media can be made by another person’s card without a problem.

Authorized users
To legally use someone else’s card, you should become an authorized user on the person’s account. An authorized user is an individual who may use another’s credit card without liability for any fees. With this method, the account holder will add the delegated username to your account. Authorized users will be granted a credit card and can initiate a purchase fee to the account with a new card. The credit card account holder will receive an invoice and is responsible for any debt obligations on the credit card account.

Pay off debt
If you’re added to someone else’s account as an authorized user, technically, you can purchase it on your account to the credit limit. If you make a purchase using a card, you can deal with the account holder to repay him. However, you are not legally bound to debt when you are an authorized user.

Credit Impact
When you are an authorized user on a credit card, it can have an impact on your credit score. Although you may not have a legal obligation to repay your account, this account will show on your credit report. Therefore, if you are an authorized user of a credit account of a good credit person, that can help increase credit score. On the other hand, if you become an authorized user of a poor credit person, that can reduce your points.

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